23 December 2011

Love Letter

[POETRY (#1)]

I fear you some days:
Only because the Frost-y way says nothing
Gold can stay. Yet, your reality rushes me,
To be greater that any forty-niner believes.
Sweetest sugar, the way you soften my senses
Lowers my walls, obstacles and fences I
Pledged to hedge my security and face my
Fallacies. The same place where my emotion
Redeems, tricked my threes to conceive
This as an abnormality. Yes, the formality;
While blessed in totality; I just want to
Conceive the probability that possibly your
Beauty just may be for my eye only.
What can be more clever than forever.
Whether we weather every weather reveals
More than we can understand today.
Can I hold your hand while we play?
Any less is more than I can say.  -  February 2011

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